Funeral Hearse Services


To honor the passing of a loved one can take on many forms. What better way can there be than to be carried to the resting place in an ornate hand-made hearse drawn by the noble handsome horse. The horse has served us throughout time in so many forms that he must truly be man’s best friend. “BACK WHEN CARRIAGE RIDES” can furnish additional carriages to accompany the funeral procession if required. The attendants will be properly attired and respectful of the event.

desmond doss funeral (2)

Desmond Doss Sr., 87, Buried 3 Apr 06.
The only conscientious objector to receive The Medal of Honor during World War II. for saving the lives of 75 wounded soldiers on the island of Okinawa.

hearse detail

Replica of a Model 887 hearse from the Riddle Coach & Hearse Company of Ravenna, Ohio (circa 1861). The Riddle hearses were known for their fine quality. Presidents McKinley and Harding were carried to their graves in Riddle hearses. In 1998 Roy Rogers was buried from a restored Riddle Hearse.

An example of the workmanship and attention to details.

Gen Ray Davis


September 2003, College Park, GA: Funeral procession for General Ray Davis, most decorated marine ever. The pall bearers directly behind the hearse are enlisted marines followed by the honorary pall bearers consisting of nine Generals. The hearse was led by a marine marching band and a marine marching unit. The governor was present along with Zell Miller.

Horse-Drawn Hearse available for service
Offered in either Black or White