Q. Is this type of transportation slow?
A. We cover approximately 1 mile per 15 minutes.

Q. Is it cheaper if I only want to go a short distance?
A. No. It takes just as long to prepare for a short ride as a long one.
Really, the ride itself is free. The cost covers preparation and transportation of the animals and equipment.

Q. What if I need extra carriages or wagons?
A. If the need is more than our inventory then we sub-contract from other sources to supply the need.

Q. Can the horses deal with busy streets?
A. Yes. The horses have had plenty of experience with very busy streets and the carriages are equipped with flashers for traffic safety.

Q. How do I book my event?
A. Call to verify that the date you have planned is available. We will provide you with a price quote based on the location and type of service requested. Finally, you must send a deposit to secure the date.